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“Traditional Thai Massage” or “Thai Yoga Massage” – The Authentic!


The origins of Traditional Thai massage date back about 2,500 years. Thai massage is an ancient Thai bodywork system designed to unblock trapped energy and improve vitality by applying pressure along the body’s energy pathways. It uses slow rhythmic pressing (with fingers, thumbs, hands, forearms, elbows, and feet) and assisted stretching.


This treatment improves blood circulation and energy flow as it relaxes tensed muscles and ligaments. Pressure points in the body are probed and kneaded. This is particularly beneficial for strained joints, stressed muscles and body aches. The treatment leaves you with a feeling of lightness of being.


In contrast with other types of massage, Thai massage is not practiced on a massage couch (bed) but on a special comfortable mat. The pressure is not applied directly to the skin and receivers remain fully clothed during the entire session. Special loose garments are provided for this treatment. We recommend this specific treatment for persons with a history of sciatica and lumbago, (but not during the acute and painful phase).

(* We need at least one day notice in advance in order to make arrangements for this treatment, due to its nature and its popularity).

90′ minutes “Traditional Thai Massage” – Euro 70


120′ minutes “Traditional Thai Massage” – Euro 85


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