Our Policy

What you need to know before you visit us
Dear guests,
In order for us to guarantee our highest level or service, we request that you comply with the terms which we mention below. We therefore strongly advise you to read them thoroughly, before you apply for an appointment and decide to visit us.
IMPORTANT: “In Greece, just like most of the rest of the world, massage therapists are not medical professionals. Therefore we cannot treat health conditions, nor are we allowed by law or even qualified to promise (or perform) any kind of “healing”.



You should try to be here on time, unless you choose to book online and pay in advance. In the latter case, guests must arrive earlier (approx. 10′-15′ minutes). You should estimate that we will need an extra 10-15 minutes in order for us to greet you and fill out the intake form.

If you arrive more than 15′ minutes late, your appointment will be CANCELED.

All the prices on our website are inclusive V.A.T. 24% (Value Added Tax).



Our “Dress Code” implies that for all our treatments, wearing an underwear is a must. We even provide single-use disposables if needed.

Moreover, during our treatments our guests remain covered with clean towels. Our draping system is applied in order to make both of us feel comfortable.



Our guests are advised to take a shower before arriving for their scheduled appointment. If needed, there’s an option to take one here, before and even after your treatment (you will have to tell us in advance).


We would like to mention again that we are not a Spa and that we are just a small, family-run business. This means that we have our limitations when it comes to therapist availability, space, and facilities in general.

This is the main reason why we usually don’t accept Walk-in (last minute) guests. We prefer to arrange our schedule in advance, much before your desired date and time of arrival. If you happen for example to be in the neighborhood and decide to call us, it is very possible that we won’t have the time to even pick up the phone.

Using our contact form or even our Online Booking system are the best ways to get in touch with us and confirm your requested appointment(s). This will help us gather all the necessary information that we need and save both of us from a lot of hassle and unnecessary exchange of emails.


  • After booking and payment is completed, there cannot be any refund.
  • Guests that pay via our booking system are kindly requested to arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment. If guests arrive more than 15 minutes late and without any prior notice, it is highly possible that the appointments will be canceled. In this case, guests cannot claim their money back, and the paid fee for the treatment(s) will be considered as a cancelation fee.
  • Couples or a group of two persons who with a single booking request two massage treatments, need to share the same spacious room when purchasing with a discount. If separate rooms are required, we must be informed in advance and preferably when the actual booking takes place. If not, there will be a 5 euro extra charge per person, and of course depending on availability.


In many types of diseases and chronic illnesses, massage therapy not only cannot help but in fact can even spread the disease, therefore it is absolutely prohibited. For each and every type of massage therapy there are specific rules, precautions, relative and absolute contraindications which we must always have in mind.

Therefore we request that you always try to be honest with your therapist about your medical history, and consult with your physician before visiting us. Just consider the fact that even a simple cold or flue can worsen if massage is performed.

Some fundamental precautions and contraindications you should always consider are:

  • High fever (from cold, the flue or other reason)
  • Acute inflammations (i.e. sprained ankles)
  • Serious skeletal injuries (recent bone fractures)
  • Recent operations
  • Hepatitis, AIDS
  • Severe muscle, nerve and skeletal injuries (acute phase sciatica, low back pain due to herniated discs, etc.)
  • Contagious (or not) skin diseases (herpes, warts, impetigo, boils, fungi, scabies, lice, etc.)
  • Pregnancy at early (first trimester) or late stages (we are not qualified)
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Menstruation
  • Very low blood pressure
  • Heart diseases and disorders (pacemaker, open heart surgery, strokes)
  • Open skin wounds and recent skin injuries (i.e. sunburns)
  • Phlebitis and varicose veins (should avoid these areas)
  • All forms of cancer
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